Participating Artists & Musicians

The following artists will be at Maplewood’s 2018 Art Walk & Music Fest 

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Wendy Bellermann Interactions between artistry and pain, juxtaposing subject and ground in acrylic paintings of blues singers. I alternate between these high contrast works and jewel-toned portraits drawing out the inner character of animals ranging from roosters to elephants. 
Pamela Bloom Pamela Bloom Jewelry features my own unique creations. My vision is to make jewelry that is sophisticated and relaxed, timeless and chic. I create classic versatile pieces for everyday wear. My jewelry is specifically crafted as stand-alone pieces that can also be layered for a more dramatic look.

I lovingly handcraft each piece myself. My passion spans from initial design to the handiwork and craftsmanship that goes into making each piece a unique creation. My craft is always evolving, because I love researching and exploring different materials to incorporate into my designs. My inspiration comes from places old and new, modern and vintage.

Nichola Bloomfield My work is varied in subject and medium. I love to paint what inspires a moves me emotionally. A certain kind of light in a landscape a certain quality and quirkiness in a person or an animal. I then try and tell a story and capture those qualities I found interesting in a painting or drawing.
Jessica Charkow I like to paint people and everyday scenes. I use my own photos as sources for the paintings so I can better capture gestures, expressions, and brief moments in the tangle that is daily life. My training as an art therapist and working with people with severe mental illness has enhanced my interest in how a slight tention in the forehead or a subtle forward tilt of the shoulder or the angle of the hip can communicate a great deal.  I use oil on canvas to explore these themes of body language and the modern habitat.  As a mother, my children often find themselves at the end of my camera lens and therefore the subjects of a lot of my paintings.
Cat Delett Cat works in acrylic, cut paper, and mixed media. She has been painting for most of her life and creating with cut paper for the past six years. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and juried shows throughout New Jersey, both in group and solo shows, and is displayed in private residences across the country. As a narrative artist, each piece tells a story, often left ambiguous and up to the interpretation of the observer. She lists among her influences Matisse, Eric Carle, Seydou Keita, Kahlo, and Rothko as well as all the artists creating around her, literature, old photographs, a pervasive ennui, and a quirky sense of humor.
mike dziomba Realistic Acrylic paintings on canvas.
jocelyn fine Jocelyn Fine is a painter, art conservator and teacher. She received her B.F.A Fine art from the University of Vermont and then pursued a certificate in Painting Conservation at the Istituto Per l’Arte and il Restauro in Florence Italy. She holds a M.S from Columbia University with a concentration on Architectural Conservation. She has been an educator for 20 years, and has developed courses and workshops in arts, science and conservation. Jocelyn lives in South Orange, NJ with her husband, and two children. Her work has been featured in several galleries throughout New Jersey including Shorts Stories, Gallery 103 and The Woodland.

Teaching has been a source of growth and inspiration for my own work. I have learned so much from my students and often find myself in awe of their ability create without judgement. This new series of paintings began after my battle with cancer. I was interested in exploring color and the impact that it had on my state of mind and my wellbeing. I was inspired by nature, by light and juxtaposition of color and form. My intention was to keep myself open to the creative process and allow my impulses take flight.  My work is about color, texture and form and my journey to find balance and harmony.

Sumana Ghosh-Witherspoon I recently left my job as an Art Director in publishing to start my own freelance business and focus on personal creative work. I’ve had a longtime passion for photography. I recently took a look back on some still-life photography I had taken in India some years ago. I started experimenting with mixed media and added to prints of these photographs with soft pastel and pen. I am particularly fascinated with the textures and colors of India and I enjoy playing with pastels to enhance these facets of the images. For me, adding more color and texture helps create a better representation of the actual visual experience of the scenes I had witnessed and photographed.
Marie Elena Glynn Inspired by changing seasons, nature and light, I primarily work in a traditional style to create oil or acrylic paintings on canvas and wood board. I often work from my own photography and a trip to the museum is my greatest inspiration. 
Marc Hamburger I am a local photographer originally from Maplewood specializing in nature and landscape photography.
Lauralyn S Hanley Wheel Thrown functional stoneware pottery and clay jewelry
Megan Hartley Hand Block Printed Tea/gift/Kitchen towels. 100% Cotton, very absorbent, Great Hostess Gifts 
Samar Hussaini Samar Hussaini is an Arab American, Fine Artist, and Graphic Designer working, creating, and living outside of NYC in West Orange, NJ. Designed with multiple layers showing the enriching distinctions of being an Arab-American her work creates thought-provoking ideas of dialogue and hope. Hussaini tells the story of Arab identity in a positive way revealing the richness and elegance of her culture. 
Jacquelyn Kirby Abstract art in mixed media. 
Richard Koch Richard Koch is an accomplished fine art photographer.  His mission is to find beauty in the world so as to create recognition of a special capture, a moment in time delivered to the observer so as to wake a feeling of wonderment or discovery.

Richard finds photography of the natural world consumes much of his attention.  Finding the decisive moment requires enhanced observational and focusing skills. This process places the mind in a position to see the world that is often dismissed as an unnecessary expenditure of effort in our busy lives.  This opportunity to “see” is its own reward and driving force in Richard’s photography.

Ken Krasner A variety of colorful hand drawn maps from local neighborhoods to countries to historical subjects. Tee shirts of many of them are also available
Ondine Landa My work is born from a lifelong passion for semi-precious and precious gemstones as well as metals and crystals. I make earrings, necklaces, and bracelets primarily, as well as a few rings. I work with the finest stones such as Turquoise, Citrine, Labradorite, Amethyst, Amazonite,  Carnelian, Moonstone and Peruvian Opals to name a few. I use Sterling Silver, Vermeil and/or Gold filled finishings to make beautiful things to wear that will last. I occasionally incorporate vintage beads or objects giving them new life through my work.  I like the juxtaposition of smooth large stones and smaller facetted ones.  I like bold color combinations and stones pairings that are complementary, such as Labradorite and Moonstone. All items are handmade with love and many are one-of-a-kind pieces.

I also make medicine or talisman bags.  Each one is unique, blessed through Shamanic ceremony, and wearable medicine! These pieces bring together two of my passions: jewelry and wellness.  For my medicine or Nuna bags, I use natural materials such as soft leather, bone, feathers, antique turquoise and many different semi-precious gemstones.  Most of these pieces are commissions that I receive from around the globe.

Michael Leonard I create abstract paintings with an emphasis on color and balance. I use acrylic paints and my styles range from brush work to drip paintings.
Eric Lorenzen Construction art of vanishing architectural landscape.  The pieces are woven together applying mixed media consisting of old plywood, rusted wire, wax, pigment, and lacquer.  These designs are constructed to create classic architectural Cape Cod houses.
Jadeley Louis-Jean My inspiration for making self portraits has always been Frida Kahlo. There was a specific picture I saw of her where she had flowers in her hair, it was such a simple thing but added so much to the picture. That’s when I decided to incorparate flowers in my portraits. A simple gesture of beauty and self-love, that’s what i try to depict in all the drawings/paintings I do
Deo Lutwama  Born in Uganda, East Africa, I came to appreciate the beauty of nature and Art as being part of me using it to explore and educate it’s function by being creative. With the ever fading true nature and traditions of our cultures, I strive to capture it on canvas, paper, and dark cloth among other medias.  I have been inspired mostly with various aspects of life like wild life, plants, human beings and other aspects which  surround us for creativity. Most of my work consisting of African Paintings and Art is painted using oil paint, acrylic,  pastel on different medias.
Jennifer Malone Although my oil paintings depict a variety of subjects rendered in a realistic fashion,  urban and suburban ascends are currently my focus.  I am currently exploring strong light and color.  Shadows are of particular interest.
Juanita Martin I hand-crochet wire to create my pieces and infuse them with loving Reiki energy for the benefit of the wearer. I also wire wrap gemstones.
Chrissy McIntyre Chrissy is a collage and mixed media artist. Her work has been shown in galleries and juried shows throughout New Jersey as well as in private residences both here in the states and abroad.
Her style is both photo realistic and quirky. She counts among her influences most notably the work of Chuck Close and Andy Warhol. An anglophile at heart, her work is also influenced by British design and sense of humour. (Yes, I spelled it with a ‘u’)
Lisa Medoff Lisa Medoff is a metalsmither who has been making jewelry for over 25 years. Her handcrafted pieces are made of sterling silver, bronze, gold fill and semi-precious stones “I feel fortunate that my work continues to evolve over time. My vision is to create wearable sculptures.
The colors and shapes found in nature are a great inspiration to me. My designs are inspired by organic forms and are strongly influenced by other cultures and reflective of a variety of environments I have experienced.”
William [Bill] Moloney Abstract,collage and mixed medium, exploring life, spirit, society and politics.His collage work was considered a standout and received particular praise by the art critic for the Huffington Post for his collage The End of the Left/Right Paradigm at the 2014 Los Angeles Art Show
David Nicolato My work speaks about animal rights and the surreal quality of nature. Technology and the natural world combine to create fantastical images that transport the viewer into a symbolic and colorful narrative.
Michele Norton Jewelry created from clay, glass and mixed metals for an organic dance of beauty.
Tara O’Leary Tara is fascinated by the sensuousness of Light. To witness the morning light, the filtered light through the trees and the soft haze of a fog. To capture nature’s essence and communicate it with my painting. To consciously avoid elaboration, rather leave a soft mark that allows the viewer to fill in the rest…the way the fog slowly lifts on a misty morning.”
Traveling extensively O’Leary has painted in Italy, Ireland, Greece and the US.  Her formal training and lifes travel has influence her unique blend of realism with a more modern take on nature. Her Reiki Series embodies emotion in an intence pallet. “Feeling the emotion and heat come right from the paintings”. Her Landscapes capture a moment in time, a sense of peace and a soft stroke capture atmospheric qualities and bring you to a world of soft color.
Tara O’Leary received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts. She has been exhibiting her work in both juried and solo shows and has won awards for her landscape paintings, she works in pastel, encaustic, acrylic and oil, and is included in many private collections
Tracy Phillips My jewelry is to reimagine, recreate and reinspire vintage English China that has been forgotten. With cutting the China or glass to the right shape and soldering it will become a very unique one of a kind piece of jewelry to ware. 
ERIN PICKERING Lively and colorful watercolor paintings and illustrations.
SHALINI PRASAD With an aesthetic characterized by spatial and  structural sensitivity, graphic understanding and  artistic fluidity, Shalini Prasad has created her own niche market in digital mixed-media art.
Her  trifecta background in architecture, graphic  design, and fine arts influence how she seamlessly  interprets image, space, line, texture and color. She believes that the process, rather than the themes or the genres underpin the narratives behind each of  her pieces.
She explores figurative, abstract and interpretive styles of work with a penchant toward Indian resplendence and culture.
Shalini began her creative career with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in New Delhi.  After practicing as an architect for two years, she specialized in Visual Communication 
and Graphic Design earning a Masters of Science in Design degree from Arizona. She  honed her professional skill for more than a decade as an in-house designer before  deciding to pursue the next phase of her career as an independent designer, and formed  her own company and studio DeSha Creative where she fearlessly dismisses boundaries  whether she is taking on a graphic design or an art project. To learn more, drop her a note at and visit her website at
Ilysse Rimalovski I create upcycled vintage jewelry with a modern sensibility, combining metalwork with semi-precious stones, pearls, glass beads and other unique elements. 
Geralyn Robinson Realistic photos to impressionistic art.
I work in oil, acrylic, pastel and encaustic. Landscapes and people fascinate me 
Ben Salmon Expanding the imagination of what can be achieved with wool, Ben Salmon combines innovative techniques and style with age-old practices. Working with a medium traditionally used in figural and representational folk art for centuries, he is bringing needle felting into the world of contemporary abstract art. This sense of dichotomy is a common theme running through Ben’s work. The hard lines of the stretched canvas meet the naturally soft lines of the fiber. Raw wool meets refined, combed and dyed wool. Strong lines meet gentle curves, staid neutrals meet vibrant colors. The languages of texture, color and movement are at the heart of his work. This medium lends itself to abstract two dimensional art in a more robust, textual, alive way than most other mediums. There is a push and pull in the conflict of what Ben creates that is both compelling and satisfying. In the world of felting, he is proud to be leading this charge into new territories.
Glenn Schlanger landscape and nature photographer
Marianne Sheil Locally handmade functional pottery.  Wide variety of mugs. bowls, casseroles for serving, etc. These are high-fired stoneware ceramics made in my studio in Maplewood, or at studio in New York City.   All works made and glazed by me.
Peter Sickles Peter Sickles is passionate about creating paintings and photographs that capture a moment. He has explored both mediums for many years. The imagery in his paintings feels familiar,although it is often abstract. When he paints,or takes photographs,he hopes the viewer will feel the artists’s presence and his sense of awe at the core if his being. Sickles writes, “I work spontaneously and,for me,my work reflects a deep spiritual dimension of life.
Lisa Tornello Each piece of Lisa Tornello’s jewelry is hand-fabricated using only traditional metal and wire working techniques.Lisa works primarily in Argentium Sterling Silver (a tarnish resistant silver alloy), accented with gold, copper and brass, along with semi-precious stones… a unique combination of metal and imagination. Treat yourself or someone you love!
Jennie Traill Schaeffer These three pieces are part of Jennie’s new series, TeaScapes, that combine image transfers of tea packaging with layered landscapes of environments she’s explored, to both salvage detritus from the trash, as well as depicting a need for space and increased mindfulness.
Mary Jane van Zeijts Working primarily in pastel, Mary Jane goes into nature for ideas and inspiration and finishes each piece in the studio. The works are influenced by the changing light in the daily beauty of the landscape. 
Gabrielle Zola Micro expressions and subtle gestures are rendered in customized silhouette portraits. Hyper realistic forms are hand cut with painted and drawn elements to deconstruct a moment, study a personal mannerism and tell a story between fantasy and reality. 
Amy Zorn I am a self-taught artist and former museum curator living in Maplewood, New Jersey.  In 2016 I dusted off my high school set of Marabu watercolors and began painting as a way to de-stress. Most of my paintings are executed without preliminary drawings. I rarely work out a composition in advance and instead let it develop as I paint. In this way, a painting becomes a puzzle as I figure out the best color and placement of every element. Recently I have begun exploring with pastels, paper clay and textiles.

Band Performances on Maplewood Avenue at Highland Place

11:00  In Tune School of Music

12:00  Moodring

1:00  Toast

2:00  Sad about Girls

3:00  Petey and the True Mongrel Hearts 

4:00 Los Traficantes del Amor