Participating Artists & Musicians

Artists for the 2017 Art Walk & Music Fest – (see band performance schedule below)

Cat Delett Cat Delett is a visual artist living and working in Maplewood, NJ. She was born and raised in South Jersey and has made her way all through NJ, earning her BFA from Trenton State College (The College of New Jersey) in graphic design and illustration along the way – but don’t call her a “Jersey Girl” or ask if she knows how to pump her own gas.

Cat works in acrylic, cut paper, and mixed media. She has been painting for most of her life and creating with cut paper for the past six years. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and juried shows throughout New Jersey, both in group and solo shows, and is displayed in private residences across the country. As a narrative artist, each piece tells a story, often left ambiguous and up to the interpretation of the observer. She lists among her influences Matisse, Eric Carle, Seydou Keita, Kahlo, and Rothko as well as all the artists creating around her, literature, old photographs, a pervasive ennui, and a quirky sense of humor.

Chrissy McIntyre I work in collage and mixed media. My work attempts to be photo realistic and tends to reflect things that I love – dogs, Britain, landscapes and humor.
Amy Thompson-Hill My inspiration comes from the mottled colors of architecture exposed by numerous years of wear, the texture of crumbling plaster, the distressed appearance of objects. I incorporate layers of paint and texture for a sense of depth and to create the look of a timeworn piece.
Lauralyn Hanley Functional Stoneware Pottery and Unique Clay Jewelry
Betsy Meyer-Donadio Mixed Media Collages and prints.
Collages of varying sizes- from 2 1/2″ x 4″ to 24″ x 36″
and high quality prints of my art as well.
Joy Yagid Nature photography printed on different materials – metal – but will be trying new options for this year – wood and glass and maybe acrylic. A mix of price points – larger pieces for collectors and smaller ones for impulse buys.
Juanita Martin I hand-crochet wire to create my jewelry pieces. I also do beading and wire wrapping.
Marc Hamburger Award winning and published landscape and nature photographer.
Peter Cusack I’m fascinated by the life of things. I’m fascinated by the worlds of others. I’m spellbound by the color our sun reveals. I love to paint out of windows, create musing watercolor copies of old master paintings, and paint the people I know and love. My brush is the vehicle by which I move through the world. I have a studio at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City where I paint large contemporary figurative pieces as well as sculpt in wax; think Degas. My main goal is to do work that is timeless, authentic, and warms people’s homes.
Jamie Meier Live Love Maplewood® photo art by Jamie Meier showcases the beauty and vibrance of Maplewood and South Orange, NJ.
Dana Damiani Honey Bee Metals are the creative team of Lisa and Dana.
We make handcrafted jewelry in our log cabin in Ringwood NJ.
Honey Bee Metals makes modern jewelry for work and
Instagram: @honeybeemetals
Angel-Lambert Kirsten I create soft-pastel landscapes inspired by my daily life and travels. I try to capture a mood with color and texture based on the fleeting effects of light.
Julie Bancilhon I work solely with dry pastel on paper.
I paint what inspires me. My paintings are done from pictures that I gather or take and in which I can SEE my painting. My first series were focused on the city and scenes in the rain and snow. Now I am more focused on landscapes.
Observation is my main tool and I spend much more time looking and studying the composition than actually drawing. Color is what I am most interested in.
And simply making something that others and I would find beautiful.
Ilysse Rimalovski Groovy Jewelry is a collection of upcycled vintage jewelry with a modern sensibility. Designer Ilysse Rimalovski creates one-of-a-kind pieces combining metalwork with semi-precious stones, Czech glass beads and other handmade elements. She also loves to reinvent customers’ own outdated or broken jewelry into everyday favorites. Her home-based studio is in Maplewood, NJ, and she hones her craft at the Visual Arts Center in Summit, NJ.
Mary Jane van Zeijts Pastel. Fine Art.

van Zeijts, Mary Jane

Carl Ellis Photo Booth Studios – Carl Ellis Photography

Carl Ellis’ abstract photographs delve into intimate textures, in particular, those to be found in the natural world. His images capture those details of our surroundings that often go unnoticed by the common eye. Inspired by unusual patterns, and the subtle details of our everyday environment. His work expresses bold colors, strong recurring patterns, and palpable textured surfaces.   Working exclusively and with great creativity in color, his method involves the use of filtered lenses, natural lighting, and extensive experimentation, which remains a cornerstone of his artistic process.

Lisa Tornello Each piece of Lisa’s jewelry is hand-fabricated using traditional metal and wire working techniques. Lisa works primarily in tarnish-resistant Argentium Sterling, accenting with gold, copper and brass, along with semi-precious stones. A unique combination of metal and imagination, each a one-of-a-kind work of art, a gift to be treasured. Treat yourself or someone you love…
Michael Lonardo Maplewood-based artist and graphic designer Michael Lonardo creates typography prints and art maps. For many of the maps, the city and town names are scaled proportionally based on population and smaller towns are used to fill out the shape of the map. Other cities, states, countries, and sports icons are also available, and maps can be customized to highlight a town or to include a business or family name.
eminjay design . .
michael jicha my photograph are inspired by impressionist, post-impressionist and surrealist painters, I used a primitive post production program using the cloning, healing, drawing, and dodging and burning tools to achieve these images.
mike dziomba My booth this year will feature a series of floral portraits along with some seascapes and the like. All works are framed original acrylic paintings on canvas.
Donna Ritter Hand woven metal and wire bracelets, earrings, and pendants.

Hand woven scarves and shawls, some of which are hand-dyed.

Elissa Merkl My serigraphs are   prints of landscapes, interior/exteriors, animals and plant life that I have encountered on my travels near and far. The prints are all hand-pulled by me using the nu-film stencil method of silk screening. All are limited editions.
Various Artists Arts Unbound will feature the jury-selected artists in this year’s Art Garden CSA in a tent in front of the Arts Unbound Showcase on Baker Street. Street photography by Daniel Stern, prints of paintings by Amy Charmatz, work from new Brooklyn artist Denisha Brown, photography by sculptor and performance artist Rosary Solimanto, and works by contemporary painters Misty Hockenbury, Josh Handler, Kevin White, TJ Christian, and Mike Young will all be on display.
Samar Hussaini Samar Hussaini lures the viewer into the depths of her subject by using Arab cultural iconography and interspersing it with mixed media to reveal an inseparable relationship between layers. Materials include paper, charcoal, graphite, metal leaf and acrylic paint on canvas; traditional elements such as embroidered cross stitch indicating regional identity, the iconic patterned Keffiyeh (Middle Eastern headdress), and the hand stitched Thobe (an embroidered dress) that all relate to her heritage.
William Moloney Large elaborate collage with hundreds of pieces each hand colored.Themes:philosophical,
psychological and political.   “…singular and exquisitely developed compositions with an uncommon style…” -Bruce Helander, Huffington Post. See: L.A. Art Show Stoppers-Huffington Post @
Michael Lonardo Maplewood-based artist and graphic designer Michael Lonardo creates typography prints and art maps. For many of the maps, the city and town names are scaled proportionally based on population and smaller towns are used to fill out the shape of the map. Other cities, states, countries, and sports icons are also available, and maps can be customized to highlight a
town or to include a business or family name.
eminjay design . .
Jennifer Malone Jennifer Malone
Paintings in OilA lifelong interest in design, form and color along with a love of light and line led Jennifer to painting as a way of expression. Appreciation of these elements acted as an antidote for Jennifer to her career in finance. After six years of art study, she is finding her voice: integrating these elements in representations and abstractions of structures, figures and still lives in a manner she hopes is interesting. Sensitivity to the environment, its inhabitants and their histories are thematic in her work.
She is in love with finding ways to portray the ethos of her subjects and is thrilled when enjoyed by others.Please visit: malone paintings
to view her paintings.
Anna Herbst My photographic practice is deeply informed by the profound relationship I have had with water, in all of its forms, throughout my life. Water is never the same. I am fascinated by its dichotomies: calm or violent; smooth or frothy; dark or light; hard or pliant. It fuels our life yet if we are not careful it can take it away. In my work I try to capture water’s range of beauty, power, and awe. I hope my photographs can in some way transport the viewer from the space of the gallery to the enveloping space we enter when we step into the ocean or a pool.

Water personifies a wide range of emotions for me. Now more than ever I am galvanized to protect it as its safety and availability are under serious threat. I hope my work inspires viewers not to take water, in its many forms, for granted.

A portion of every sale goes to to help fight the global water crisis. 780 million people lack access to clean drinking water.

Julie Martini One-of-a-kind, fine silver jewelry with precious, semi-precious stones and beads, and other unusual materials. All hand-made (no castings) with sparing use of commercially-available components (like earring posts). Well-made to last several generations of jewelry lovers.
Sherry Sacks Sherry Beth Sacks is a feminist artist living and working in South Orange, NJ. Working in painting, printmaking and sculpture, Sacks’ art is firmly grounded in the punk aesthetic and strives for autonomy in not only form but also process. She rejects any formal boundaries or specific patterned authorship in her work by pushing techniques, mediums and forms; the primacy of the work of the art as object rather than product is thus reestablished. It is in this tension between author and object that her works resides.

Sacks is the founder of Blue Scarf Collective; a neo-suburban art group.

Marie Glynn Original, hand painted oil and also acrylics on canvas and wood
Works on paper and hand painted wooden boxes and home/gift items
Moss Freedman Moss Freedman’s art evokes a sense of humor, irony, nostalgia and kitsch. His paintings have an archival aesthetic and reference imagery drawn from naturalist collections, dioramas, anachronistic science fiction, and classic pulp magazines. Each painting is paired with a specially selected picture frame, curated to become part of the piece. Thus, the entirety of the piece, painting plus picture frame, is essentially a sculptural object to be seen together as one, (a nod to Moss’ studies in the Washington University Sculpture department, MFA 95). Together, the painting and the frame, embody the theatrical illusion of a rare vintage artifact or a newly discovered, one-of-a-kind collectable from a bygone era.
Peggy Pardon Peggy Pardon is a porcelain clay jewelry line designed with simplicity and feminity in mind by designer Sasha Huetz. Collections feature necklaces and earrings, in a reduced palette of white and gold, and black and gold which have become her signature. Inspiration is drawn from the simplicity of shapes and clean lines.
Michael Leonard Abstract paintings that evolve from the principals of balance, color, and movement.
Rick Hauser Photography
Ken Krasner hand drawn maps

would like to share tent with La Sirene designs (jewelry maker)

Ondine Landa At LaSirene Designs, I work with the finest semi-precious stones such as Turquoise, Citrine, Labradorite, Amethyst, Amazonite, Carnelian, and Peruvian Opals and much more. I only use Sterling Silver, Vermeil and Gold filed finishings to make beautiful things for you to wear that will last.
I’m always delighted to be contacted with special requests or commissions, I love making something unique just for you. All items are handmade with love and many are one-of-a-kind pieces.
David Nicolato David’s art is commentary on animal cruelty and their exploitation in the entertainment industry. With his most recent body of work, he focuses more specifically on the circus and carnival environments, where he depicts his subjects in tortured but content narratives. They suffer mental rather than physical abuse. They are unaware of their predicament and are simply performing their acts as trained.
He is also developing a new collection of paintings, drawings and assemblages that complement this body of work. Using bolder color palettes and more elements of street art and graffiti, these works are influenced by the Jersey City street art scene and its highly visible public murals.
The animals and flowers depicted in these newer works are paired with abstracted text and numbers, printed ink imagery and beautifully rendered graphite drawings. Some are a combination of mixed media with cut paper and stitching. These elements are suggesting the pain and experimentation that many animals endure in the scientific and entertainment industries. And bringing attention to these atrocities in an irreverent and more colorful manner better connects them to his new “home.”
In the drawings, animals are rendered anatomically accurate so the viewer feels as if this is actually happening. They are live spectators at this surreal circus.
In his cut paper and collage work, there is a cuter Kawaii aesthetic, a juxtaposition, while matching the darkness and pain in the drawings. The brighter colored paper suggests joy and whimsy and the stitches and buttons, a beloved stuffed animal from childhood, only not as cuddly.
Exposed skeletons, prosthetic tentacles or legs, flowers growing from the skull, all show a disturbing, yet disparaging take on these atrocities. It is simultaneous action of both death and rebirth.
The animal entertainment industry has made us complacent regarding the value of these magnificent creatures and that this is not their true purpose. We only see the bright side, but the darkness lies beneath.
It is his hope that these works will increase awareness and provide a better perspective for all who see them.
Geralyn Robinson  
Louis Toledo  
Peggy Exell  

Band Performances on Maplewood Avenue at Highland Place
11:00 – 11:30 Amish Internet
11:45 – 12:00 InterACT ( 2 songs)
12:00 – 12:45 Johnny Woods and the Lonesome Pinetops
1:00 – 1:45 John Brophy and friends
2:00 – 2:45 Mood Ring
3:00 – 3:45 Los Traficantes del Amor
4:00 – 4:45 PreSchool of Rock