Participating Artists

Name (First)Name (Last)Brief description of artist’s work, in their words.
JulieBancilhonDry pastels on paper.
NicholaBloomfield My paintings are varied in medium and subject. I love to explore new ways to paint a picture and tell a story. 
JeffreyCastoThe work is generally small, focusing on sensitive mark making to describe a gesture, a moment in time, an object or person.  
FredCourtsI try to make paintings that deal with light and reflections. Images and stories are for photographers and writers. Sorry, but I just love painting and how one edge meets the other. 
DanaDamianiHoney Bee Metals are the metalsmithing team of Lisa and Dana.  We work out of our log cabin studio in Ringwood, NJ. 
We make organic, modern hand-crafted jewelry for work and play!
Ryniee DeCheserThe exploration of multiplicity defines the abstract works of my art.  Through pure color, I invite the audience to examine that which may carry many emotions and forms, not just one distinct visual storytelling.  
CatDelettCat Delett is a narrative artist. Every piece tells a story, often left ambiguous and up to the interpretation of the observer. Cat uses acrylic, watercolor, paper, and words. 
MikeDziombaRealistic acrylic paintings
JocelynFineThis particular series was inspired by the yoga sutras of Patanjali. I was introduced to the yoga philosophy and the teachings of Patanjali during yoga teacher training earlier this year. The messages behind the sutras is meaningful and applicable to everyone. 
SumanaGhosh-WitherspoonMy mixed media collages use photographs I have taken mostly of walls, textures and fabrics in India which I then enhance with elements like soft pastels and watercolor to further emphasize the colors and textures of my ancestral home land.
Marie ElenaGlynnI work mainly in oil and acrylic on canvas or wood panel. Most of my inspiration and references come from my own photography. 
Hollie GrazeI create mosaic art and mosaic home décor using glass, ceramic tile, beads and stones. I am inspired by color and nature. Most of my mosaics feature flowers, animals and trees, but I also enjoy making ornate detailed mirrors with bits of bling! 
MarcHamburgerI am primarily a landscape and nature photographer and some of my work has been published in local papers and magazines.
Lauralyn SHanleyFunctional stoneware pottery and clay necklaces.  Pottery includes chip and dips, berry bowl and plate sets, mugs, bakers, wine bottle coasters, spoon rests and so much more.
SamarHussainiMixed media elements such as charcoal, graphite, metal leaf, stitching, and acrylic paint on canvas, reveal a personal narrative luring the viewer in to uncover the depths of an intricate and multi-challenged story. 
BrendanJanuaryI enjoy painting in oils, and I have been learning by copying from well-known artists and producing my own work. 
TavmeetKaurMy artwork emerges out of creating metaphors along with an unselfconscious and natural evolution of traditional oil painting, paper making, drawing and printmaking. I let each work evolve organically in every respect, from the surface material, be it handmade paper, muslin, linen or canvas resulting in paintings and drawings that are minimal in some aspects and detailed in other aspects.
LauraKeggOne-of-a-kind jewelry creations with unique semi-precious gems wrapped in 14K, 18K or sterling, as well as custom designs.
RichardKochRichard Koch is an accomplished fine art photographer with many awards including from the State Assembly and Essex County .  His mission is to find the beauty that surrounds us so as to create focus on the world that will allow a moment in time to be delivered to the observer so as to wake a feeling of wonderment and discovery.
KenKrasnerI sell hand drawn maps of countries, continents, areas, historical situations and local neighborhoods and towns.
OndineLandaLaSirene Designs uses precious and semi-precious stones, sterling silver and 14 KGF to make beautiful and enduring pieces.  Each creation is handmade with love and a little magic and is infused with the healing and sacred properties of each stone and crystal. It is my deepest wish that you will love your LaSirene Design piece for years to come.  Namaste
MichaelLeonardMy action paintings/abstract art/contemporary art is all about color and balance. 
JadeleyLouis-JeanI’ve grown fond of drawing dreamscapes and men and women at peace with not only themselves but nature. A union, yin and yang. I wanted to paint a world with people who are happy in their natural habitat, just being themselves. 
JenniferMaloneLoose, representational oils of stilllifes, cityscapes and landscapes
ChristopherMcAllisterHandcrafted pottery.
NancyMcClintockHandcrafted pottery – inspired by nature’s beauty.
ChrissyMcIntyreMy work is a mixture of collage, mixed media and watercolor painting. I create landscapes, cityscapes, pop art, pet portraits and things that I find amusing. I want my work to be interesting and also a bit quirky and/or funny.
RidleyMcIntyrePhotography with a surrealist sci-fi eye, my work explores a world that is familiar, yet often devoid of people. It has been described as post-apocalyptic, dystopian and haunting. I’m less interested in capturing reality as I am in creating a new one reflective of my imagination.
All of my photographs are shot and edited on my iPhone.
LisaMedoffMetal smith jeweler working in sterling, brass, bronze 14 k gold fill and semiprecious stones. 
Lissette MooreHandmade jewelry.
JeremyMossPhotography, painting and mixed media explorations.
JulieNaegelenMy unique medium is dry pastels on paper.
DavidNicolatoI draw animals and insects, sometimes as humanoid figures. My art depicts mens issues and struggles in today’s American culture.
I love using bold color and lots of fuzziness and textures to give my work a warmer and more tactile quality.
MicheleNortonEarth sourced creations for the eclectic soul. 
ErinPickeringBright and whimsical watercolor illustrations and paintings. With a heavy emphasis on vintage fashion, and the sea.
GeralynRobinsonI love to photograph people, landscapes and unusual things in everyday life.  I also paint in oils, acrylics, pastels and encaustic.  
HarveyRogosinI use soft pastel sticks and pencils painted on sanded paper
JenniferRondeauHand-Embroidered Fine Art
LeinaalaSchwartzIn my art I draw inspiration from concern for the environment. The series of cut paper collages, “The Wonderful World of Water” seeks to draw awareness to the infinite beauty that lies beneath the surface. Today, changes in climate and habitat as well as pollution affect the ability of marine species to reproduce and survive. My intention is to draw awareness to this most precious of earth’s resources so that we will respect, recycle, reuse, and re-purpose. Protect our marine wildlife.
PeterSicklesPainting has always been a part of my creative explorations. Drawing from my experiences in life.
Places,Emotions and Dreams. I try to be creative every day. With new ideas and visions.
KenSiegelKen is an artisan focused on making wood products that combine form and function, in a simple design that lets the wood take center stage. 
KenStanekI draw and paint animals and people. Many of the animals are pets, and many of them are wild. The people are often based on real figures, but are always dramatically abstracted and represent common moments of reflection and pause. I work with acrylics on canvas and watercolors on paper. 
AmyThompson-HillMy medium is acrylic on canvas with a gloss finish to enhance colors and texture.
LisaTornelloAmazing one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry. Precious metals that sparkle & shine, unique gemstones that glitter & gleam – each a work of art, a gift to be cherished. 
JennieTraill SchaefferArt that combines image transfers of tea packaging with layered landscapes of environments she’s explored – to both salvage detritus from the trash, as well as depict space and a need for increased mindfulness. They are meant to make you read into the works – to enter more deeply than simply observing a landscape. The works are painted in watercolor and gouache on Strathmore CP watercolor paper, mounted on cradled panels. 
Mary Janevan ZeijtsI am inspired by the constantly changing landscape, going out into nature, she draws inspiration for both plein air and studio work. Currently working in both pastel and watercolor.
MichaelWindsorI use bold strokes and layers of color to give his large abstract expressionist paintings depth and warmth. The works range from the quiet and calm, utilizing negative space and minimal tones to vibrant and energetic pieces using rough, vibrant blocks of colors and wild energetic explosions of movement. 
Maplewood Village